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My Real Life Alien Encounter

That’s right y’all. Put on the deliverance CD and cut me a new piece of chewing straw. Aliens are in fact, real.

Three alien ships in the sky

I never thought I’d be one of those people.

Ya know the ones. You see ’em on TV standing in a cornfield in dungarees going,

‘They was little alien fellas tryin’a stick some camera up ma jacksie.’

Yet, here we are.

What I’m about to tell you ain’t fiction. No siree, Bob. And I’m not an alien geek. I barely have an interest in sci-fi.

I’ve never written about this experience before.

Please listen to this video while you read:

Now Begin:

So I’m living in this sharehouse in the Melbourne suburb of Kew*. It’s 2001, about two days before I move out to the country with my girl at that time and we’re packing up some stuff.

I read about this sale on music gear. It’s one of those stupid sales you see in films where everyone camps out the night before. I wanted some new music gear, and I had fuck all money. So we went, and we camped out — Me, my girl Jenna and my bud Sonny. The night was pretty uneventful. None of us slept that much. Jenna napped a bit, and Sonny kept passing out and waking himself up with his own snoring.

*Kew is the land of the Wurundjeri people of Australia

Throughout the night more people arrived, making a total of approximately twenty people.

At some point in the early morning, what was quite a vibrant social bubble suddenly went silent.

Everyone had fallen asleep.


Jenna and I were the only ones still awake.

The rain started to fall peacefully, but there was no wind whatsoever.

There was a strange, silent eeriness (I only realised in hindsight).

I can’t remember what time sunrise was precisely, but we knew it was happening. The sky was turning.

Jenna and I were talking about something casual.

I looked into the sky above the post office across the road. I squinted my eyes and then rubbed them again.

“Jenna, what the fuck is that?” I asked, pointing into the sky.

She too tried to understand what she was seeing.

“I have no fucking idea,” she said.

Back in the day, when a television wasn’t tuned properly, there was a static screen that was almost like visual white noise.

Just a fuzz of screen static.

That’s what they were:

Three undefined shapes of static fuzzing in the sky like old televisions.

It was then that the startling vision began to unfold.

The three static ‘balls’ of energy smoothed out in unison and formed three perfect flying saucers.

Not ‘maybe’ flying saucers. ❌

Not ‘could they be clouds’ flying saucers. ❌

Not ‘several miles away’ flying saucers. ❌

They were beautiful, smooth, luxurious, futuristic space vessels probably a couple of hundred metres away — slick and shining like mercury.

They hovered there for a while for us to admire their beauty before moving into a triangle formation and floating off in perfect silence.

Jenna and I looked at each other without saying a word.

Right on cue, as the vessels left, people started to wake up as if from a spell and the rain stopped.

This was right at sunrise. It was officially daytime and within a few minutes, everyone was awake in the queue.


Sonny rubbed his eyes.

“What the fuck?” he said.

“What is it?” I asked.

I was feeling calm and unaffected by the experience.

“Was anyone here just then?” he asked.

I looked at Jenna then back at him

“No. Why?”

“Well, I just had this dream that three tall dudes were standing over my head looking down on me.”

Jenna looked at me and smiled.

“Nah, no one was here,” she said.

The queue (in Kew) was lively now and getting longer. This is where things got really strange.

An old white car like something from the fifties, maybe a Cadillac — a strange and rare car in Australia — pulled up out of the front of the shop.

Out stepped a very unusual being that I can only describe as a kind of Kling-on but more fish-like. He had bulging eyes, strange webbed fingers and globular reddish skin.

He was wearing human clothes, but they were too small, and they were tearing because they were far too small for the being’s thick body.

Even his shoes were bursting open, revealing his reddish webbed feet.

People in the queue stared in shock. Nobody could believe their eyes. Sonny said almost too loud:

“He must have some awful disease.”

Even in the context of our previous experience, it was a ridiculous thing to be happening.

But it all still felt so normal.

Obviously, this being was making some effort to appear human and was failing miserably.

The car drove off and the being looked around at the people in the queue who were trying not to stare.

His eyes were almost on either side of his head so he had to turn his head each way to look at the whole queue. He smiled and shuffled up to join the queue like just another casual punter after some music gear.

When the shop opened, I got distracted and picked up some bargains. We looked for the strange being, but he was gone.

Later that day, I called my Dad and told him about the incident. That afternoon he was listening to the radio, and there were lots of people calling in to report seeing UFOs right across the state, not only in Kew.

Many sightings.

My Dad called in and mentioned briefly that I had had an experience. He then went on to add that I could have been smoking weed.

I wasn’t, but thanks, Dad.

I was cold sober— not intoxicated in the slightest.

It wasn’t a vague, questionable experience.

It was so lucid, so naked, so magical.

Yet, I was totally unaffected by it emotionally — neither excited nor traumatised.

I’m grateful for it, whatever the meaning was.

I’ve never seen anything similar since.


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