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The Utter Lunacy Of The Military-Industrial Complex

While corporations make billion-dollar profits in war, our world will never find peace

Some idiots on Twitter are celebrating cos Putin might be dying of bowel cancer.

Karma Bitch’, they say.

One step closer to world peace’, they say.

If you agree, then, firstly, FUCK YOU for celebrating the sickness of a human being. Go get your head tested Motherfucker.

Secondly, if you had even the slightest inkling of the concept of karma, you wouldn’t use the word in such a crude, aggressive, brain-cell killing, ironic fashion.

Thirdly, if you think Putin is an obstacle to world peace, you need to dump a bucket of ice on your head like it’s one of those knobhead ice bucket challenges of 2014.

We need to grow up, get our heads out of Tiktok and our property portfolios for a minute and realise that we are being fucking sold out.

And don’t start with that leftist rightist bollocks. Your imaginary labels are like a fucking brain tumour that is making you hallucinate. The ability to lobby governments is a REAL damn problem, and belief in it does not rely on which side of the imaginary political spectrum you fall.

Lobbying is any attempt by individuals or private interest groups to influence the decisions of government (Britannica)

Let’s put aside the fact that Pfizer spent USD 10.9 million lobbying the government in 2020 (Source) and the various shitstorm that followed.

That’s a story for another time.

Let’s just concentrate on WEAPONS for now.

Last week, the US military-industrial complex let slip just how vicious and opportunistic war profiteering has become in contemporary times. Greg Hayes, chairman and CEO of Raytheon Technologies, revealed to shareholders his company sees the recent Houthi rebel attacks against the United Arab Emirates, and counter strikes against Yemen by the Saudi-led coalition as “opportunities for international sales.” During a quarterly earnings call with investors on January 25, Hayes identified current tensions in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and South China Sea as drivers “putting pressure” on defence spending, with Raytheon well placed to “see some benefit from it.” This is the chief executive officer of one of the United States’ largest arms dealers, acknowledging war, death, and destruction equal greater corporate profits. (Source)

Raytheon right? Those cheeky fuckers.

And let’s see. Do they spend money lobbying the government as well?

Raytheon Technologies rounded out the top five with $7.4 million in lobbying spending. (United Technologies, which merged with Raytheon in April, also reported $4.9 million in the first quarter of 2020. (Source)

But why would a weapons manufacturer be interested in spending tens of millions on lobbying? Surely we don’t live in a world where it’s possible to financially influence political decisions around drone strikes that kill mothers and fathers and children and pets and take a big shit in the porcelain bowl of world peace, right?

Because that would be some dark dystopian sci-fi shit, wouldn’t it?

Sorry if you have had your head in the sand for the last few decades like Brendan Frasier in Blast From the Past, but I’d like to introduce you to the most significant and frightening barrier to world peace that has ever existed.

The Military-Industrial Complex.

President Eisenhower warned the world about it in 1961.

How kind of Uncle Sam to forgive the loans that he made to the citizens with the citizen's own money.

Why haven’t we voted these bastards out?

There’s no alternative. The problem is not the parties. It is the system.

It’s the other flaw of democracy. A politician in power has to fulfil promises to their corporate sponsors, but they have to justify it to voters as well. That’s why the mainstream media has so much god damn power. They create solid narratives for selling weapons to groups or countries and then going to war against them. So you end up with a system where politicians are forced to pander to corporate sponsors yet lie to voters to keep them onside.

The US has become a master of facilitating the sale of weapons to clients then going to war against those same clients.

The legend Bill Hicks was well aware of it back in 1992

Bill is right — Saddam, Al Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS, and Now Ukraine. They are all benefactors of the Military-Industrial Complex.

But Frank, they aren’t selling the weapons to Ukraine. It’s military aid, right?

Sure it is. But those damn weapons aren’t free. The US isn’t the soup kitchen of the weapons industry.

FACT: Governments have no money of their own.

Do you remember that 35% of your family’s money that you gift the government every paycheck?

Well, congratulations on your forced charitable donation to world violence.

The military-industrial complex is a taxpayer-funded leg up to the arms industry.

While you work twelve-hour shifts to keep food in your kid’s mouths, the government takes a third of your money and donates it to Lockheed, Raytheon and the rest so they can pay their shareholders dividends, pay their CEOs horrific salaries and spend millions re-investing those profits in a lobbying strategy that buys more drone strikes, more conflict, more suffering.

The more the world suffers, the more money they make. Could you imagine anything worse?

So, look. When you see Putin — a human being who may have bowel cancer, don’t be a knobhead. Don’t be just another pile of decaying, ignorant horseshit. Understand that beneath all the politics, he is a sentient being in pain, dragged into this narrative like the rest of us. And the fall of Putin is not a ray of hope for the world you idiot. Because while companies make massive profits from violence, there will always be a perpetual growth of violence in this world.

It’s just the law of business.

And you can damn well apply this to anything.

  • While companies make massive profits from sickness, there will always be a perpetual growth of sickness.

  • While companies make massive profits from prisons, there will always be a perpetual growth of prisons.

  • While companies make massive profits from pollution, there will always be a perpetual growth in pollution.

World peace won’t come about by removing all the dictators who don’t support the US dollar.

An excellent place to start is by recognising that certain aspects of life are inappropriate channels for corporations to make money and then by putting a stop to it. But who is going to bring about such change when the leaders that we trust are the stooges of those very corporations?

The biggest threat to our world is corporate growth, and yet, as a culture, we support commercial development like it is the basis of life itself.

Intelligent humans could decide to get together and make a disease-free, war-free utopia on this planet tomorrow. It’s a logistical possibility, yet it’s rendered impossible because capitalism is out of control.

Here lies the human race — murdered in cold blood by their own Frankensteinian creation — The corporation.

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