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Dear Americans, Your Country Is An Empty Vehicle For Corporate Fulfillment

And it’s about to become very obvious

Have you ever seen a pantomime?

It’s a traditional British farcical stage show where fat, washed-up actors make ooh err, missus jokes, dress up as cartoon horses while faking hearing impairedness as the audience tries desperately to convince them of the mugger standing behind them.

Or at least that was how it went the last time I saw a pantomime in my home town of Blackpool in 1985.

But Frank, how have you not seen such cultural brilliance in twenty-seven years?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because Panto is shite.

I’m sure in 2023, they have probably toned down the homophobia, blackface and sexual innuendo that used to have fat, lager-filled, pissed-up tourists wetting their tidy whities. But still, the thing that bugged me about Panto the most is that it was just plain shit.

And when I see Joe Biden or some other US stooge walk up to their pedestal and begin to deliver a speech about the freedom of the American people, I feel like I’m watching a pantomime.

I could see Joe Biden in a golden Aladdin suit speaking about the enemies of democracy dressed in their multicoloured camp robes with curved swords running around, threatening to destroy everything America has built.

And the whole time, this giant dark shadow stands behind Joe, and the audience shouts,

‘he’s behind you’.

And Old Joe is like,

‘I can’t hear you’.

The most disturbing thing is that Joe genuinely can’t hear you.

There’s a good chance Joe can’t even understand what you are saying. But there’s no need to shout anyway because Joe knows the big black shadow is behind him. It’s his boss. It’s the director of the pantomime.

It’s called corporate America.

When was the last time that the Government of the United States made a political decision based on the people’s welfare?

And look, as an Australian, I know we’re right behind you as always. But for now, let’s focus on you.

Let’s consider what Americans need.

Some mainstream asshole will try and convince you that America needs jobs. You hear it like a fucking catchphrase.

Americans need jobs, Son.

They do, but they only need jobs because they need other shit.

  • Americans need jobs means Americans need more money.

  • Americans need more money means Americans are pumping a third of everything they earn into taxes while everything is getting more expensive.

  • Americans need food, shelter, physical and mental health support, power, fuel, and education, and every one of these essential services is getting more and more out of the financial reach of the average American.

The US is supposed to be the pinnacle of democracy, yet the top ten basic needs provided for in democratic countries are only available to the rich in the US.

  • In the battle for the minimum wage, corporations want no minimum wage, but the people need it. Who wins? Corporations.

  • In the battle of healthcare, corporations want it to be expensive. The people need it to be free. Who wins? Corporations.

  • In the battle of education, the people need it to be free, but the corporations need it to be expensive. Who wins? Corporations.

  • In the battle for world peace, the people need America to extinguish the flames of war and put money into rebuilding their country. But corporations want to invest it all into weapons companies. Who wins? Corporations.

  • In the battle for a safer society, people need best-practice rehabilitation for dangerous prisoners so communities are safer when those prisoners eventually get released. But corporations need more prisoners to work sixty hours a week for two dollars an hour. Who wins? Corporations.

And if you still think The United States Government has anything to do with democracy or freedom, you need to wake up and smell the chipotle cinnamon hot chocolate, my friends. Because shit is getting very real in the world right now, and for the first time, many countries are getting their heads together and saying enough is enough to the US.

And we can turn around to all these other countries and make up disturbing yet dramatically entertaining names like ‘The axis of evil,’ like we do in pantomime, but that won’t help this time.

What did you expect?

America has been waging war around the world non-stop. And in the latest conflict, they are doing everything possible to ensure peace talks do not happen. Did you expect there wouldn’t be a time when the military-industrial complex finally had to stand up and explain itself?

It’s not like Eisenhower didn’t warn of this back in the day.

And yeah, we could sit here like it’s still some pantomime rooting for the good old US to accomplish their peaceful mission of ridding the world of evil.

But even average patriotic citizens of the US know that it’s just become a bit of a joke now. They watch trillions of dollars of their hard-earned money push the shares of companies like Lockheed through the roof, making CEOs into billionaires.

Meanwhile, those loyal citizens struggle to put food on the table for their own children. They aren’t worthy under their so-called government’s eye to receive even a free blood test or cheap insulin.

They can't even get free education. Although if they serve in the military, the government is kind enough to forgive the education loan made with the people’s own money to themselves.

The American people have been pumping huge portions of their income into their government forever, and what do they receive back?


It’s over for the US government now. They are finished, and it’s not going to be pretty.

There is going to be a new world order. That’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s a fact. The only thing that will stop it now is world war three.

And the blame will lie squarely on the US government and their corporate overlords.

But you don’t care about that, do you?

Have you done Wordle yet today?


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