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Julian Assange Is A Human Being

Our governments have no problem torturing human beings, and you could easily be next, you fuckers

What do you and Julian Assange have in common?

Julian Assange looking happy in a field

You are both humans.

And that’s all you need to know about him.

You probably expected me to spew forth something about how we are all writers and we need to protect our integrity as journalists. And it's a good point. But, for now, forget he is a journalist. Just focus on the fact that he is human.

As you start learning more about this human being, you will consider doing your duty as a good capitalist citizen and judge whether he deserves to be subject to the long-term heavy, heavy torture of claustrophobia and lack of human contact. And once you make up your mind either way, you will forget about the fact that he is a human being with a mother and a son and feelings of anxiety and depression and regrets and tears like the rest of us.

You will forget the living hell he is going through because you will instead judge him as the political object that our governments, through the proxy of the mass media, have been trying to present him as since this whole debacle began — a threat to ‘national security.’

Anyone who still uses the term ‘National security’ in this day and age needs to go and get a brain scan

This is not 1993. This is not some high-budget terrorist movie starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Demon. It’s too damn late to think about national security because national security relies on international security.

The toxic narratives spread by the US government in the name of selling weapons have plunged the world into a state of horrific insecurity. And now, we find ourselves at the very point of darkness that we, as humans, thought was just fiction.

And having reaped the seeds, we are forced to watch as Russia and China, and Iran put their noggins together.

And all the damn US can say is,


Because they didn’t see that coming.

And it's too late for us because we all sat and listened to the shmuck coming out of the brown mouth of the US government, and now they have fucked it for everyone.

Unless you are a young gothic teenager auditioning for a band called Dark Piss, you probably aren’t enjoying the possibility of oblivion.

Wikileaks was invented to let us know what that damn US government were up to. But we just sat and watched while they arrested its leader, and those who orchestrated and covered up those war crimes walked free.

You should ask yourself if you are okay with a network of governments torturing someone for revealing war crimes that were covered up by that same government network.

And, you might think it's irrelevant to your life while you sit scoffing M&Ms and laughing at videos of cats twerking and writing your casual turd on Medium. But you would be wrong about that.

It's relevant because it reveals the lengths our deranged leaders will go to in order to cover up that which they don’t want you to know about them. And that should concern every single one of us who is still genuinely writing from the depths of our mangled hearts while trying to overcome the fear that the Men In Black will come to our front door and bundle us in the back of a van.

But I say again, this doesn’t even have to be about journalism. We only have to think about Julian Assange’s humanity as we all stand by and watch him get tortured by the rich and powerful.

And it doesn’t matter if you are a sick motherfucker who still trusts their government to protect them.

Neither side of the argument makes it okay to torture human beings. And if you disagree, go stick your cock in a blender, you psychopath.

The Geneva Convention was put in place to prevent the torture of human beings.

It was left hanging in shreds by The Patriot Act, which allowed the US to lawfully torture human beings during the war on terrorism.

And now, here we are.

Our governments are empty, psychotic vehicles for corporate fulfilment, and they don't give a fuck about any of us. And they’ll leave us alone as long as we keep holding them up with our taxes and labour. But as soon as any of us pokes our noses into their business, they’ll happily torture the fuck out of us too.

Julian Assange is the scarecrow of the powerful. They might as well put his head on a stake and hang it in the fucking town square. And when you remember he is someone’s son and someone’s father, and he has the same emotions and human needs as all of us, you should realise how fucking sick this whole damn thing is.


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